Analysts and consensus overview

Analysts covering the ProCredit Holding share

InstituteAnalystDateRecommendationTarget price (EUR)
Bankhaus LampeAndreas Schäfer19 May 2020Buy8.00
BerenbergAndreas Markou, PhD26 March 2020Hold6.00
EdisonMilosz Papst04 June 2020N/A6.30
Pareto SecuritiesDr Philipp Häßler14 May 2020Buy7.70

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Consensus overview

Average2020ENumber of estimates2021ENumber of estimates
Profit after tax (EUR million)43.6354.03
Loan portfolio growth4.3%38.0%3
EPS (reported) (EUR)0.7330.903
DPS (EUR)0.2430.303
BVPS (EUR)13.7314.53

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