The Management Board of ProCredit General Partner AG, the personally liable managing partner, is responsible for the management of ProCredit Holding’s business. ProCredit Holding has a strong management team to guide the operations of the ProCredit group. It comprises the following members:

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    Sandrine Massiani

    She is responsible for human resources, risk management, environmental management, IT and business support, AML and compliance, legal and internal audit.

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    Dr Gabriel Schor

    He is responsible for finance and controlling, investor relations and group communications, group supervision, treasury and funding.

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Formally, the management board is provided by ProCredit General Partner AG, the company which serves as the general partner (Komplementär) of ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA.

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Since we place great emphasis on transparency in everything we do, we are convinced that it is important to publish the salaries of our managers, who are our highest-paid employees. Details on the compensation paid to the management of ProCredit General Partner AG as the representative of ProCredit Holding in 2018 are shown in our Annual Report on pages 79-80.

Rossana Mazzilli, Chief Legal Counsel, is an authorised representative of the company (Prokurist). Before joining ProCredit Holding, she worked with a large international law firm.
Dr Gian Marco Felice, in charge of IT and business support, is an authorised representative of the company (Prokurist).

Christian Dagrosa, is in charge of Investor Relations and Controlling/Reporting.


The management board is supported in all other areas by a team of experienced specialists and managers who plan and implement group-wide initiatives in various areas and who guide the implementation of the respective group-wide strategies.

Our international audit team, which works closely with the internal audit departments of each bank in which the holding company invests, is made up of highly experienced specialists.