Our performance and external certification


EMAS certificate and Environmental statement


Impact Report 2016 (prepared for the Social Stock Exchange) Annual Environmental Performance Report

  GREEN Certificate

Environmental Statement (EN,1.7MB)

Environmental Statement (DE,1.7MB)

PCH SSX ImpactReport 2016

All Social Stock Exchange members are required to produce an Impact Report. ProCredit Holding became a member in May 2017.

AEP Report 2015 Short Version Page 01

AEPR 2016 (5.1MB)

AEPR 2015 (1MB)


Our environmental management approach


Our Group Environmental

Management Policy


Managing the environmental 

and social risk of lending

The introduction of 

green finance

  Green GroupENvManagementPolicy ProCredit Holding Managing theisk in lending operations 2016 1 GREEN IntroductinoGreenFinance


Our approach in practice

ProCredit's green 



Our clients' green 


  2017 GreenBuildings 2017 GreenInvestments  

Human Resources Brochures

ProCredit Academy


Code of Conduct Working for ProCredit
PCA Academy brochure 2017 02 21 CoC 2017 02 21 HR brochure

Consolidated Financial Reports


FitchRatings 2016


PCHolding FitchR 2013
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